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Healthcare professionals and transparent communication

In Portugal, “safeguarding transparency is a duty of the State, but also of all those who collaborate with it and this is reflected with special emphasis on the advertising activities for medicines and medical devices or products related to their promotion.

The text above is part of the preamble to Decree Law No. 5/2017 which defines a set of general principles based on the European Commission document “List of Guiding Principles Promoting Good Governance in the Pharmaceutical Sector”.

Decree Law No. 5/2017 describes the general principles of the transparency process and the processes related to their operationalization.
Collaboration between industry and health care professionals benefits patients. It is a relationship that has allowed the development of numerous innovative medicines and modified the impact that many diseases have on our lives. Industry and health care professionals collaborate in a wide range of activities, ranging from clinical research, improving clinical practice or exchanging information on how new medicines adapt to the patient care. Making more transparent this vital relationship, already properly regulated, seeks to strengthen the foundations of this collaboration in the future.
The expectations of society regarding transparency increase progressively, particularly in health care” (EFPIA).

Eisai wants to make sure that these expectations are meet.

This note accompanies the publication made by Eisai under the codes of EFPIA and the national associations of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of publication of the value transfers made by pharmaceutical companies to professionals and health care organizations. This note includes a general description and some country-specific considerations.

APIFARMA – The Portuguese Pharmaceutical Industry Association is the group that represents the companies operating in Portugal that are responsible for the production and importation of medicines for human use, vaccines and medical devices for in vitro diagnosis.

APIFARMA’s code of ethics applies to the promotional practices of associated pharmaceutical companies and their interactions with healthcare professionals and the institutions, organizations or associations to which healthcare professionals belong.

For further information regarding APIFARMA Code of Ethics visit

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